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Best Financial Resources for Single Parents in Singapore


  • Single mothers can save on various pregnancy costs (including pre-delivery costs) with the Medisave Maternity Package
  • Government matches every dollar a parent puts in a Child Development Account (CDA) under the Baby Bonus program
  • There are various grants available for single parents who need to place their children in a day care center or day care center.

The average cost of raising a child in Singapore is estimated to be between S $ 1,500 and S $ 2,000 per month. Given that the average monthly household income of a married couple is S $ 8,352 and almost 18% of this combined income is used to support a child. With the introduction of Working Mother’s Child Relief and HDB grants, parenthood has indeed become less financially constraining for parents. However, the same cannot be said of single parents, where they are often excluded from supportive policies, even though this group often needs it the most. To make it easier for single parents in Singapore to seek financial assistance, here is a guide to the different support programs and grants available.

Use Medisave programs and grants to save on newborn costs

Delivery type Pre-delivery charges Delivery procedure Hospitalization Total claimable (3 days of hospitalization
Vaginal birth (normal) $ 900 $ 750 Up to 450 USD / day S $ 3,000
Vaginal birth (assisted) $ 900 $ 1,250 Up to 450 USD / day 3,500 USD
Cesarean (normal) $ 900 2,150 USD Up to 450 USD / day $ 4,400
Cesarean section (with tubal ligation) $ 900 2,600 USD Up to 450 USD / day $ 4,850
Cesarean section (with hysterectomy) $ 900 $ 3,950 Up to 450 USD / day 6,200 USD

Delivering a baby in Singapore is a costly affair – along with the average total cost of antenatal care (p. Single mothers can save on these pregnancy costs with the Medisave Maternity Package, which allows you to use your Medisave savings towards them. medical costs before childbirth, childbirth costs and daily hospital costs.

Additionally, all single parents can use the Enhanced Medisave Grant, where S $ 4000 will be deposited into a newborn’s CPF Medisave account, to help pay for the child’s health expenses, including premiums. MediShield Life, recommended childhood vaccinations, approved hospitalization and outpatient treatment.

Deposit money into your child’s developmental account to take advantage of dollar-for-dollar matching

Birth order First stage of ADC Dollar for dollar match
1st and 2nd child S $ 3,000 Up to S $ 3,000
3rd and 4th child S $ 3,000 Up to S $ 9,000
5th child and over S $ 3,000 Up to S $ 15,000

Although single parents are not eligible for the Baby Bonus Cash Gift (as part of the Baby Bonus Scheme), they are eligible for its other component: the Child Development Account (CDA), a special co-savings program for children. . The government puts S $ 3,000 into the account when your child is born. As a joint savings account, the government matches every S $ 1 you put into the account. This happens until your child is 12 years old and a limit set according to your child’s birth rank. With current savings accounts rarely offering interest rates above 1% in this economic climate, this co-savings plan is certainly a better way to increase savings for your child.

Applying for childcare and childcare subsidies in Singapore

Full-time childcare programs in Singapore

Monthly household income Per capita income Basic grant Additional grant Maximum total grant
S $ 2,500 and less $ 625 and less $ 300 $ 440 $ 740
S $ 2,501 to S $ 3,000 S $ 626 to S $ 750 $ 300 400 USD $ 700
S $ 3,001 to S $ 3,500 S $ 751 to S $ 875 $ 300 $ 370 S $ 670
S $ 3,501 to S $ 4,000 S $ 876 to S $ 1,000 $ 300 $ 310 $ 610
4,001 Singaporean dollars to 4,500 Singaporean dollars S $ 1,001 to S $ 1,125 $ 300 $ 220 $ 520
S $ 4,501 to S $ 7,500 S $ 1,126 to S $ 1,875 $ 300 100 USD 400 USD
Above S $ 7,500 Above $ 1,875 $ 300 $ 0 $ 300

Day Care Programs in Singapore

Monthly household income Per capita income Basic grant Additional grant Maximum total grant
S $ 2,500 and less $ 625 and less 600 USD 540 $ $ 1,140
S $ 2,501 to S $ 3,000 S $ 626 to S $ 750 600 USD 500 USD 1,100 USD
S $ 3,001 to S $ 3,500 S $ 751 to S $ 875 600 USD $ 470 $ 1,070
S $ 3,501 to S $ 4,000 S $ 876 to S $ 1,000 600 USD $ 410 S $ 1,010
4,001 Singaporean dollars to 4,500 Singaporean dollars S $ 1,001 to S $ 1,125 600 USD $ 320 $ 920
S $ 4,501 to S $ 7,500 S $ 1,126 to S $ 1,875 600 USD $ 200 800 USD
Above S $ 7,500 Above $ 1,875 600 USD $ 0 600 USD

Every parent wants to take care of their child, but that’s not an option for single parents. For those who cannot receive parental help, the remaining viable alternative is a daycare or childcare center (which can be expensive). Various grants are available to alleviate at least part of this financial cost. For example, the Basic Child Care and Child Care Grant allows a single working parent to get a subsidy of up to S $ 600 for child care and S $ 300 for child care. child care.

Single parents with slightly older kids don’t have to worry either; there are various financial aid devices and tools that can help offset the costs of education. For example, the Kindergarten Financial Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) provides maximum financial assistance up to S $ 170 for a gross monthly household income not exceeding S $ 2,500.

Find practical and emotional help in nonprofit organizations

Organization / Initiative On Services
Informed, Involved, Inclusive Single Parents (SPIN) HCSA Dayspring SPIN aims to improve the quality of life for single-parent families by providing resources that strengthen their social support network, as well as improving their access to organized information that enables single parents to make informed decisions.
  • File work and advice
  • Information and referral
  • Friendship and allies network
  • Practical support
  • Respite service
  • Skills / family oriented activities and workshops
PPIS As-Salaam A non-profit organization focused on working with Malaysian-Muslim single-parent families; dedicated to working with women of all ages in carrying out their multiple roles in society.
  • File work and advice
  • Parental pact
  • Support program for divorced mothers with dependent children
  • Discussions / consultation sessions focused on issues related to the impact of divorce on children and co-parenting issues
AWARENESS #asinglelove The leading non-profit group for women’s rights and gender equality in Singapore; dedicated to supporting and empowering single parents and their children.
  • Financial service and support for returning to work
  • Emotional support, advice and legal advice
HELP Family Center A nonprofit organization dedicated to extending support to single parent families to meet the demands of coping alone as a single parent.
  • Specialized Divorce Programs
  • File work and advice
  • Peer support programs
  • Public education

Single parents who need additional help (financial or emotional) can seek support from several non-profit organizations. For Single Moms: AWARE’s #asinglelove initiative offers services and programs designed to support and empower women and their children. Other support groups also include the HELP Family Service Center and the As-Salaam PPIS Family Support Center. Single parents struggling to meet their basic needs can also turn to social services offices.

And of course, it’s always worthwhile for single parents to consider purchasing life insurance – just for that peace of mind, in the event of illness or death where it is no longer possible to provide for. your child.

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