Black and inspired: Rashad Bilal, Troy Milling and more talk about financial literacy

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iHeartRadio and Hyundai have teamed up on a new podcast to celebrate all things HBCU. In episode two of “Black and iHeartRadio Inspired HBCU Celebration, titled ‘Show Me The Money,’ finance gurus Troy Milling and Rashad Bilal chat with founder and CEO of fintech company The Wealth Factory, Angel Rich and FUBU CEO Daymond John, to discuss tools that will help in making financial gains and how to make money earn money.

Financial savvy guests spoke on everything from entrepreneurship and education to financial literacy. The group shared basic information that can help many young people take care of their finances, starting in high school. Angel Rich shared:

“I would say you pay your bills on time. It’s one that I haven’t learned. Didn’t know you had to pay your bills on time. I thought, you know, if it’s due on the 15th, as long as you got it in the month, you know, in that 30 day period, that you paid your bills. And that’s not quite true. Paying your bills represents 35% of your credit score. That’s why we created our product, CreditRich, to help people really understand this. And we specifically named it CreditRich because a lot of people just sit down with a 700 credit score and don’t necessarily do anything with it.

The Black and Inspired HBCU Celebration The podcast series celebrates the HBCU community with a special four-part podcast series. Throughout the episode series, iHeartRadio’s most popular and prolific black personalities sit down with experts and famous guests for inspired conversations on topics important to the black community. Thanks to Hyundai, proud partner of the black and inspired HBCU celebration of iHeartRadio.

Check out the full episode “Show Me The Money” above and watch new episodes of Black and iHeartRadio Inspired HBCU Celebration podcast when it is broadcast, every other Wednesday.

Louis R. Hancock