Charlottesville teen financial literacy tips go viral on TikTok

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Tamarius Washington’s TikTok account explodes, attracting over a million eyes Tamarius Conversations. He decided to give the platform a try to share his passion for financial literacy and economics.

“I went to Venable Elementary School, then I went to Covenant Elementary School. I came back to schools in town, went to Walker, Buford, and graduated from CHS in 2020, ”Washington said.

Since graduation, Washington has passed on the information he learned to Tiktok, gaining more than 34,000 followers.

“I decided to take it back once COVID hit, and learn more about personal finance and investing, saving and different things that will benefit me in the long run,” Washington said.

Tamarius says he has spent hours researching to gather information that helps others become more financially literate.

“I watch a lot of finance podcasts, watch a ton of YouTube, and read financial education books,” Washington said. “When you break down the numbers, you think 1.7 million people have seen my face, seen my videos. It’s just crazy to think, coming from a small town like Charlottesville, that doesn’t happen often.

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