Collaboration to promote financial literacy

Fiji Development Bank has signed a partnership with Singapore-based Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd to develop a digital learning platform for individuals and small businesses in Fiji.

FDB Managing Director Saud Minam and Patsian Low, Head of Inclusive Impact and Sustainability at Visa International, digitally signed the partnership agreement yesterday.

Ms Low said she was particularly pleased with the collaboration as both organizations were committed to the goal of improving economic opportunities for individuals and small micro-enterprises in Fiji.

The collaboration will provide a digital platform hosted on the FDB website, offering a range of learning modules to FDB members.

Those who engage in the program will have the opportunity to learn the basics of finance and practical business skills.

Mr Minam said the team behind this project at FDB plans to roll out the website by December this year.

They plan to promote engagement with the program through contextual advertisements on the FDB website when new and existing members complete online forms.

He says this will not be mandatory for membership but strongly encouraged.

Mr. Minam sees this partnership as the missing piece to achieving inclusive and accessible financial literacy at the national level.

Louis R. Hancock