CT-Based FinTron and Stamford Public Schools Partner to Teach Financial Literacy and Career Readiness

“Knowledge of personal finance is an essential life skill. Whether students are attending college or pursuing careers straight out of high school, they need a solid understanding of budgeting, saving, and investing.

FinTron, Inc., a fast-growing financial technology company promoting financial literacy and freedom for the mobile generation (Gen Y and Z), announces its partnership with Stamford Public Schools (SPS) to teach personal finance and high school career preparation for the student system.

Through a two-year licensing agreement that began in August 2022, FinTronU educational software will be implemented in the SPS high school curriculum as part of Career Pathways, Workplace Learning and Apprenticeships, an initiative led by the State to develop a high level of career and life. preparation among students. Additionally, FinTron will offer SPS students the opportunity to shadow its employees and do internships at its Stamford headquarters.

“We are thrilled to partner with FinTron to help our students access real-world work experiences and learn what it means to be financially healthy,” said Career Pathways Deputy Director Dr. Claudia Berlage. “Knowledge of personal finance is an essential life skill. Whether students are attending college or pursuing careers straight out of high school, they need a solid understanding of budgeting, saving, and investing.

In an engaging and interactive way that appeals to today’s mobile generation, FinTronU software teaches essential financial concepts. It even features a simulated trading game for students to invest with play money and compete against other school districts for cash prizes.

Wilder Rumpf, Founder and CEO of FinTron, praises and thanks SPS for piloting the software as it works with the Connecticut Department of Education to expand its use statewide: “We greatly appreciate schools Claudia and Stamford for believing in our vision and our partnership. with us to help today’s younger generations learn to be financially capable and independent. We firmly believe that financial education is the key to making smart decisions and achieving long-term success in life.

As the average FinTron employee is only 25 years old, he identifies closely with his Gen Y/Z target audience. Rumpf, 26 and a native of Connecticut, founded the company in 2017 while attending Sacred Heart University. In 2019, FinTron became one of the youngest companies to register as a broker (FinTron Invest LLC). It has since created a nationwide digital footprint, serving clients across the United States in all 53 states and territories, with its education-based, commission-free mobile brokerage app, fueled by nearly $10 million in funding. . The FinTron team has also voluntarily delivered financial education and entrepreneurship programs to over 3,000 US high school and college students. Rumpf says this hands-on experience has been invaluable to their development of the FinTronU educational software.

Dr. Tamu Lucero, Superintendent of SPS, said, “We believe this is a great opportunity and will surely enrich the SPS Career Pathways experience. We look forward to improving our students’ understanding of personal finance and helping them feel confident about their future beyond high school.

About FinTron, Inc.

FinTron, Inc. is a financial technology company dedicated to advancing financial freedom for first-generation mobile. Through its subsidiary, FinTron Invest, the company offers an affordable, commission-free, education-based mobile brokerage app that helps Gen Y/Z users take charge of their personal finances. Through FinTronU, the company’s educational arm, the company offers interactive software (including a simulated trading game) and classroom training. To motivate students and users of its mobile applications to learn finance, FinTron offers incentive rewards and a philanthropic donation program. The Company’s broker, FinTron Invest LLC, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). For more information, visit http://www.fintroninvest.com.

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