Elections will not depend on financial resources – Sarajevo Times

Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija expressed the hope that the budget for BiH institutions will be sent to the BiH Parliamentary Assembly by the end of May, and underlined that there has always been and that there will always be money for elections.

Tegeltija said that the elections would not depend on financial resources and that the Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH was very aggressive on the issue of this money.

“I don’t know what their motivations are, but I think they have much more important things in the preparations for the election than thinking about it, like the preparations to vote abroad and such,” Tegeltija told Glass Spsk.

Tegeltija underlined that the least responsibility for the fact that the budget of the institutions of BiH for this year has not yet been adopted lies with the Council of Ministers and the Parliament of BiH.

He said that the Ministry of Finance is preparing a draft budget, which he hopes will soon be sent to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina as an official proposer, and then to the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina in by the end of May, while other decisions are pending in parliament.

Tegeltija believes that it is not fair that the CEC primarily sees Finance and Treasury Minister Vjekoslav Bevanda as the culprit, accusing him of blocking the budget, and stresses that the Council of Ministers is a collective body.

“He alludes to the fact that he is a member of the HDZ BiH, a party which is not satisfied with the electoral law, that is to say the reluctance of the SDA to modify certain elements, but the ideas of the CEC to provide money from surplus funds from a previous period are unfounded. . “I am sure that the objective of Minister Bevanda is neither to block the elections, nor to do anything about it,” Tegeltija said.

Asked if he thought the elections would be held in October or could be extended this time, like two years ago, Tegeltija said anything could be expected from the CEC.

“There are some for whom the elections are not really suitable for the political rating. If we have decided to go to the polls, at all costs and without modifying the law, then they should take place at the beginning of October. I believe that will happen and the CEC will not do what it did in 2020, and I do not believe that changes to the electoral law will be passed,” Tegeltija said.

He felt that some political parties are aware that if the elections are held in October, they will lose again.

Responding to the question whether it will be difficult to form the government after the elections, Tegeltija says that the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina have never ended with their implementation on time, stressing that in Republika Srpska everything will be done in time, whoever wins, like every time.

“On the other hand, the FBiH government has not been formed since the 2018 elections, the FBiH president and vice presidents have not been elected and no one cares. The Council of Ministers was elected almost a year after the elections, so a very similar situation is expected,” Tegeltija said.

According to him, it should be borne in mind that there is a fourth partner in the electoral process in Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely the representatives of the international community, BHRT writing.

Louis R. Hancock