Epic Charter Schools Adds Human and Financial Resources to Address Gaps Identified by State Auditor | Education

In a Monday night meeting, the Epic Charter School board hired more staff to fill gaps cited by state investigators.

JIM BECKEL, The Oklahoman dossier

Epic Charter Schools statewide virtual charter school added new hires and contracted a second accounting firm on Monday evening in response to issues identified in a recent investigative audit of State.

At the Epic One-on-One monthly board meeting, the hiring of Jeanise Wynn, who served as the business director of Edmond’s public schools, was announced. Wynn will be the school’s new deputy superintendent of finance, reporting directly to the governing board.

Longtime Epic CFO Josh Brock will now only serve the school’s for-profit external management company called Epic Youth Services.

The arrangement of Brock serving as chief financial officer for the two entities was called an “inherent conflict of interest” by the auditor and the state inspector of Oklahoma, because Brock wrote checks for schools at Epic’s charter, then signed their backs to deposit them in the for-profit company’s bank. account “violates most basic accounting principles”.

Additionally, a former Epic teacher named Charlotte Uzzel has become the new Education Quality Assurance Specialist to work alongside the school system’s internal auditor and perform grade audits.

Epic board members also approved a $ 225 per hour contract with a second school accounting firm, Arledge and Associates, to analyze how Epic reported its expenses, including administrative costs. , at the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

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