Mass Financial Literacy Needed, Governor Stresses

The Governor of Uttarakhand, Lt. General (Rtd) Gurmit Singh, said that the financial literacy of citizens is very important for the development of the country. He was speaking to agents of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) who visited Raj Bhawan on Thursday. He had a detailed discussion with IRS agents regarding various aspects and challenges related to income in Uttarakhand.

He said the economy should be run in a spirit of nationalism and there should be an understanding of the economy among the general public. “Indigenous, local and rural products and crafts must be valued. Microfinancing should be sensitized in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand. Understanding of mass economy, patriotic economy and political economy must be developed among the people, ” he said.

The governor told officers he was impressed by the confidence and vitality of the hill women of Uttarakhand. He felt that more and more loans should be made available to them for self-employment. The governor added that the quality of leadership must be developed among local women. The economic emancipation of women is their true emancipation. The revolution in Uttarakhand is only possible by women.

He said a seminar on “Empowering Women in the State through Micro-finance” would be organized very soon at Raj Bhawan. The seminar will be attended by women from self-help groups, self-employed workers, various credit institutions, banks, master trainers and related departments.

Louis R. Hancock