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Such modification of the terms of the Series 2014 Bonds shall be deemed to be a pending redemption of the Series 2014 Bonds under the Code. The Series 2014 Bonds, currently outstanding with a principal amount of $2,937,218, constitute the maximum aggregate principal amount of the Series 2014 Bonds immediately following this amendment.

The proceeds of the Series 2014 Bonds were used to secure the financing or refinancing or repayment of funds advanced by Jewish Family & Children’s Service, Inc. and Jewish Family and Children’s Foundation, Inc. (the “Receivables”, which term includes for the purposes of this Notice any parent, subsidiary or other affiliate) with respect to the facilities which are owned or will be owned and operated by Debtors located at 1430 Main Street, Waltham, Massachusetts (the “Property”), ( including, without limitation, such financing, refinancing or repayment of bond reserves, interest and issue costs), in particular the proceeds of the 2014 Series Bonds have been lent to the Bondholders for the purposes of:

(A) current repayment of $5,080,000 in Massachusetts Development Finance Agency tax liabilities, Jewish Foundation for Families and Children project, 2004 series, (B) construction of improvements to the property, and (iii) the payment of the issue costs of the 2014 series Bonds.

The Series 2014 Bonds, as amended, will constitute 501(c)(3) qualified bonds for charitable purposes, will not constitute a general obligation or pledge of the faith and credit of MassDevelopment or an obligation general of, or a debt or pledge of the faith and credit of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Interested persons wishing to express their views on the proposed amendment to the 2014 Series Bonds will have the opportunity to do so during the telephone public hearing or may, prior to the time of the public hearing, submit their views by writing to MassDevelopment at 99 High Street, 11th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02110. Persons wishing to participate in the telephone public hearing must make a written request at least 24 hours prior to the hearing by emailing [email protected] or by mail to MassDevelopment, 99 High Street, Boston, MA 02110, Attn: TEFRA Hearings.

Louis R. Hancock