NIBAF promotes girls’ education, financial literacy

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF) – an affiliate of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) – organized an event called “Empowering Girls Through Financial Literacy” to promote the education and financial literacy for girls and to celebrate their shared achievements. The event in Islamabad was well attended by government officials as well as representatives of development and international organizations.

The collaboration between NIBAF and IRC enables 7,000 women to acquire financial and basic literacy. The occasion was attended by NFLPY / TEACH graduates and their families who had completed the financial literacy course. SBP Deputy Governor Sima Kamil presented certificates to Balochistani women in town.

The speaker, Ms. Sima Kamil, thanked the NFLP-Y and IRC for helping girls in the most remote areas of Balochistan get a two-month financial literacy training course by addressing the crowd. Rather than because she is a woman, a woman should have equal access to the same opportunities as any other citizen of this country.

She further explained to him that we should focus on the need for financial literacy as a right for our young people, especially girls. According to her, this is in line with Pakistani beliefs as well as those of the country’s founding fathers.

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced in May 2021 the launch of the Girls’ Education Action Plan, one of its pillars of which is to stimulate country-led action to get more girls into school and ensure their safety and learning. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke, he lamented that many girls were still out of school, which is why the UK launched the TEACH Girls Education Challenge program.

Asked about the progress made with the NFLP-Y, he replied that it made him very happy. Addressing the crowd, IRC Country Director Mr. Zain Ul Abedin said this education effort provides students with culturally relevant educational programming.

It should be noted that the National Youth Financial Literacy Program (NFLP-Y) is implemented by NIBAF under the leadership of SBP to provide Pakistani youth and schoolchildren with essential financial education so that they can improve their money management skills and gain a better understanding of financial matters.

The program started in five regions of Pakistan and has already grown to more than 50. Since its inception in 2018, the program has educated more than 830,000 Pakistani adolescents about personal finance.

Louis R. Hancock

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