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Online Credit Card Application Methods

Consumers who want to use a credit card can have a credit card with the application made over the internet without the need to go to the branch thanks to the developing technology and various revisions of the banks’ business processes.

The process of making loan applications on the internet is done in two different ways for bank customers and non-bank customers. In this context, Good Finance online credit card application methods and the things to know about the subject, it is useful to transfer Good Finance credit cards, Good Finance commercial credit cards, Good Finance credit card application and derivative details.

Good Finance Credit Cards

Good Finance Credit Cards

Before referring to Good Finance credit card application methods, it is necessary to mention the credit cards to which the application can be made.

Good Finance provides two different services: retail and commercial banking. Good Finance, which tries to meet the needs of individuals and develops various products within the scope of retail banking, develops products that meet the needs of commercial enterprises within the scope of commercial banking activity.

The personal credit cards developed by Good Finance in this context are as follows:

  • Deniz Bonus Credit Card,
  • Deniz Emekli Bonus credit card,
  • Sea Afil Bonus credit card,
  • Good Finance D Charger credit card,
  • Good Finance Fan credit card,
  • Good Finance Ada Bonus card,
  • Good Finance Net Card.

The commercial credit cards developed by Good Finance within the scope of commercial banking are as follows:

  • Good Finance IESOB Tradesman credit card,
  • Good Finance ESESOB City credit card,
  • Good Finance Business Credit Card,
  • Good Finance Producer credit card,
  • Good Finance Çiftçi credit card,
  • Good Finance Business credit card,
  • Good Finance Bonus Business credit card,
  • Good Finance AESOB Antalya credit card.

Most of these credit cards have bonus features, which makes it possible to earn extra bonus points from your spending with your bonus card with the most common merchant network throughout the country.

Good Finance Credit Card Application Methods

Good Finance Credit Card Application Methods

There are various methods that can be preferred by consumers who want to send credit card applications to Good Finance. To apply for commercial credit cards of Good Finance, it is necessary to contact the branches because these cards will have to be linked to a commercial account, which can only be possible after document submission and various signatures.

Online application

After logging in to this page, for which credit card application will be made, click the APPLY NOW button below the relevant card. Clicking this link will first need to choose which one to apply for, Classic, Gold or Platinum. The Platinum card has a high card fee, but it provides more bonuses from spending.

After making the necessary selection, click on the continue button. In the new page that opens, you are asked to enter your TR identity number first, then to submit your mobile phone number and fill in the security text. You can submit your application after following the necessary procedures. After submitting your application, an authorized personnel from the Good Finance call center will call you, confirm your application and inform you that it has been processed.

After approved credit card applications, you can open an account by going to the nearest Good Finance branch and have your card linked to this account.

Good Finance Credit Card Application Inquiry


Good Finance evaluates and responds to almost all of the credit card applications submitted within the same working day, but in various cases, there may be sagging at the latest in two working days. In this context, you can contact the credit card customer representative by calling the call center at 0850 222 0 800 to confirm the status of your credit card application and whether it has been delivered. After your interview, you will be informed about the status of the credit card application, whether it has been forwarded, and derivative details.

When Good Finance Credit Card Application is Concluded

A large part of Good Finance credit card applications are answered within the same working day. However, it is determined that there is a decision to be made by the branch or personnel related to the consumer’s credit rating or other details, and it may take up to two business days if the system is unstable about making a decision automatically.

In this respect, it would be correct to inform that the credit card application will be completed within 2-3 business days at the latest. You can find out about the information about your credit card application and the status of the process at 0850 222 0 800 call center.

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