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Profitable small bank loans

You are interested in receiving a loan in the amount of 15,000 dollars, but loans secured by real estate are not at all what you need. Then there is great news for you! bank offers its customers small loans without collateral and surety, on fairly favorable terms. The minimum loan amount is only 500 dollars, the maximum is 15,000 dollars. Loan terms – from 12 to 60 months. If the loan amount is from 7001 to 15,000 dollars, the loan terms can be extended up to 72 months. Interest rate – from 9.9% per year. This flexible loan can be used for any purpose, without restrictions.

Credits – for every need!

Credits - for every need!

Do you need to urgently pay for the medical services provided? Or is the payment deadline approaching? Whatever tasks you are facing, you can always count on financial assistance! At the same time, one of the conditions for obtaining a loan by a client is that he has a constant source of income – 300 dollars per month is enough. With this company, quick loans without an income statement become even more profitable than before. The minimum age of the borrower, according to the requirements of the company, is 20 years. But the age limit for lending is impressive – 73 years. Naturally, the potential borrower must be an citizen or have a permanent residence permit in that country.

In order to count on obtaining a loan, the borrower must fill out an application, if necessary, provide a copy of an identity document, as well as a bank statement. After the loan application is received, the client will have to wait a few minutes for the final decision on the application to be made. It will be possible to sign the agreement by means of an ID card or mobile ID, which is the most convenient and simple way. If this is not possible, the client can always contact the nearest bank representative office. It is important to remember that all calculations carried out by means of a loan calculator on the website are approximate. In addition to interest on the loan, the client will also have to pay 1.5% of the loan amount for the conclusion of the contract, but not less than 45 dollars if the contract is concluded via the Internet. In the case of concluding a contract with a credit institution, this fee rises to 2%, but cannot be less than 49 dollars.

Unique feature of loans 

Unique feature of loans 

An excellent opportunity for clients of this organization is the “60-day guarantee of peace of mind.” If small loans .ee for some reason did not suit you, you can repay the loan in a 60-day period, without paying interest and paying other expenses. At the same time, the company introduced a number of conditions under which the client can do this. The first condition is the availability of an ideal credit history. The second is an indication in the application of a clear reason why the service did not suit the borrower. In addition, after the company calculates the exact amount to be refunded, the client will have to pay it no later than 5 working days. A written statement about the cancellation of the service is sent to the mailing address, while it should be borne in mind that the peace of mind guarantee can be used once every 3 years. For loans secured by real estate this option does not apply.

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