Sweet Financial Planning offers financial advice until 2022

FAIRMONT, Minnesota (KEYC) – A new year ahead means the annual audit of everyone’s goals, and a frequent goal to check is finance.

As people take a look back at their previous year and the year ahead, Sweet Financial Planning said the new year provides an opportunity to assess and adjust accordingly.

“Now I think a good thing to think about as the New Year starts is where do you stack up financially and do you need to make changes from a savings standpoint. Now is a great time to increase those contribution percentages within your 401K, maybe start saving in a Roth IRA or something like that. Now is a great time to do some cleaning up on some of these budget items and start saving a little more, ”said Amber Knips, Certified Financial Planner at Sweet Financial Planning.

They also recommended a balanced approach to finances throughout the year.

“A lot of times at the end of the year we get caught up in being ‘well, this is where we do our tax planning, you know what the year ends’, but in us focusing on that all year round. You know, we could potentially be on the cusp of some changes, they talked about it, with the tax cuts and the jobs law expiring in a few years, so doing some of that tax planning now can help. help in the long run, and really make it something that you look at month by month, ”Knips suggested.

The agency noted that their advice may not apply in all situations and people should consult with financial planners themselves to receive advice directly tailored to their personal financial situation, offering the following disclaimer:

The opinions expressed in this program are for general information purposes only and are not intended to provide advice or recommendations specific to an individual or on any specific safety. It is only intended to provide education on the financial industry. To determine which investments might be right for you, consult your financial advisor before investing. The past performances discussed during this program do not constitute a guarantee of future results. All indices referenced for comparison purposes are unmanaged and cannot be invested directly. As always, remember that investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital; please seek advice from a licensed professional.

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