The Bahrain Stock Exchange “rings the bell for financial literacy”

The Bahrain Stock Exchange (BHB), a self-regulated multi-asset marketplace and affiliate member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), has announced its participation in the sixth annual World Investor Week (“WIW”) ), which will take place from October 3 to 9, 2022. This year, the key messages of the IOSCO WIW campaign will focus on two themes: 1) investor resilience and 2) sustainable finance.

Alongside IOSCO WIW, the Bahrain Stock Exchange has joined 106 other global stock exchanges in the World Federation of Exchanges’ annual “Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy” initiative to promote financial literacy and raise awareness about financial literacy. the importance of financial inclusiveness. As part of the week’s events, Bahrain Stock Exchange is organizing a virtual event “Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy” through a video campaign, featuring key participants from various listed companies as well as other key stakeholders to highlight and showcase the various outreach programs of Bahrain Scholarship. During the week-long campaign, the Bahrain Stock Exchange will also launch an educational series campaign focusing on capital markets for the general public.

Shaikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al-Khalifa, CEO of Bahrain Stock Exchange, said, “Promoting investor education is a top priority for Bahrain Stock Exchange, as evidenced by our various programs, and it is a privilege to be part of this unique opportunity, where we collaborate with all stakeholders in investor education and protection, both locally and globally. By participating in initiatives throughout the week, the Bahrain Stock Exchange aims to enhance the Kingdom’s image and status as the most mature financial center in the region, in line with Bahrain’s ambitions to become a globally competitive economy. scale based on the guiding principles of sustainability, competitiveness and equity. . We look forward to showcasing our most recent developments and milestones, which will significantly increase performance, transparency and service to investors. »

For his part, Ashley Alder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IOSCO and Managing Director of the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, declared: “I am delighted with this sixth edition of the Global Investor Week of the IOSCO. Over the past two years, we have seen an increasing number of retail investors participate in the securities markets, amid the global pandemic. These investors face new challenges, such as inflationary pressures and uncertainties stemming from geopolitical tensions. Financial education and investor protection play a critical role in building the resilience and confidence of investors to participate in financial markets knowingly.

WIW is a week-long global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of investor education and protection. For the fourth consecutive year, IOSCO and the WFE are collaborating on the “Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy” campaign. In 2021, the Bahrain Stock Exchange supported the nationwide anti-fraud campaign launched by the Bahrain Banking Association (BAB) to promote awareness of several electronic fraud operations targeting financial services. The Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy initiative complements Bahrain Stock Exchange’s efforts to increase financial awareness among investors and other capital markets stakeholders. The Bahrain Stock Exchange collaborates with various stakeholders to improve financial and investment awareness through various initiatives, including the Smart Investor program which targets primary school students, the TradeQuest program which targets high school and university students , as well as the outreach programs offered to the public through the Investment Academy which was launched in conjunction with BIBF and the Capital Markets Apprenticeship Program which provides on the job training and practical experience for new graduates.


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