White Coat Investor Conference 2023 | March 1-4

By Dr. James M. Dahle, Founder of WCI

Being a doctor is hard enough. Maybe you’re worried that financial stress will hamper your patient care and your income won’t create lasting wealth. Take the time to invest in yourself at WCICON23 to learn how to become a doctor who is more financially stable, less burnt out, and who can have a longer, more meaningful career.

Come to WCICON23!

Registration is now open for the fifth Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference (aka WCICON) March 1-4, 2023 at the luxurious JW Marriott in sunny Phoenix, just north of Scottsdale. I am confident in saying that you will have a wonderful time if you choose to join us. As the pandemic winds down, I suspect the in-person option will sell out this year for the first time since 2020, so don’t delay in signing up. If you delay, you might end up paying a higher price and/or not being able to get a room at the conference hotel, and you might not be able to come at all, at least in nobody.

Register today for WCICON23!

Why we are doing WCICON

Hosting a conference is the riskiest part of WCI’s business. When we decided to hold the first one in Park City in 2018, we rented most of a hotel, committed to spending six figures on food, and hoped people would come. Even though it hadn’t been a terrific business move, we felt it was really important to bring the investment community together in white coats. Many people came just to meet their online friends in person. Others pledged to finally put their finances in order. More advanced people were simply looking to fine-tune and optimize their financial plans and had a few days to talk to the only people in their lives who were comfortable discussing finances with them.

Most surprising to me, at least this first time, was how many people came mainly for the wellness program. Even before the pandemic, burnout was rampant among doctors, dentists, and other high-income professionals. Since then, it has only gotten worse, so we continue to include a wellness program as part of the conference each year.

Three hundred people attended that first year and had so much fun that the second (800 people) sold out in less than a day. We were supposed to go entirely virtual for 2021, but we still had over 1,000 people registered and in attendance. In 2022, we decided to do both in-person and virtual, and we had about 600 attendees of each for a total of 1,200. This year, we made room for about 950 people in-person (and , of course, a virtually unlimited number). We believe WCICON is the best continuing education conference of the year, and it is attended by people from all medical and dental specialties and many other professions.

What Past Participants Say About WCICON

What do all these people say after attending WCICON? Over 99% of attendees at that first conference would recommend it to their peers and colleagues, and that hasn’t changed much over the years. Here are some examples of comments:

What to expect at WCICON23

Each year we strive to provide the perfect mix of proven speakers and experiences with new ones. This approach maintains continuity as well as new approaches to finance and wellness. We’ve selected the best of the best to include 48 speakers and over 55 hours of content (these were selected from over 250 submissions). Of those 55+ hours, up to 17 are eligible for AMA Category I CME and Dental CE, which allows the conference to be purchased using designated CME dollars (or written off as a business expense). if you are self-employed). Along with this wellness content, the rest of the content is equally split between financial topics perfect for someone just getting started and advanced topics geared toward the seasoned investor in a white coat. New this year, several two-hour workshops led by experienced and handpicked teachers:

  • Creation of a financial plan,
  • Prevention and treatment of burnout, and
  • Preparing for retirement

These will allow you and the faculty to dig even deeper into the subject and put you on the right path to achieving your financial and career goals.

Perhaps more important than the actual content presented are the small conversations and connections that happen alongside a conference like this. Many of us don’t have anyone in our lives with whom we can discuss our “first world” financial challenges. Where else do people understand what it’s like to have $450,000 in student loans hanging over your head? Where else can everyone relate to losing 30% or more of what they earn to the taxman? Where else has everyone had to decide how to balance their competing financial priorities while being well aware of their own mortality? Where else do you meet hundreds of people who feel exhausted doing something they’ve wanted to do since eighth grade?

Besides the conference itself, what would a wellness conference be without the wellness activities? The JW Marriott in March is the perfect place to escape the winter gloom and get out in the sun. We take meals and hold receptions on the outdoor lawn. The authors make dedications. We take out the academics with a few hours of daylight and let you go out and get that feel good we talked about. There’s golf, tennis, pickleball, yoga, and even a 5k run. Too active? How about a wine tasting event and just sitting around the impressive pool complex?

In fact, since the conference is a combination in-person/virtual event, you can even go to the pool to watch one session and come back for the next one. What if you missed one because you were having too much fun? No problem. Everything is recorded and you can take it all home to watch at your convenience. Participate in as many social events as you want. We have an opening reception for everyone and a premium dinner with the faculty for premium enrollees. Conference sponsors are hosting evening events you won’t want to miss, ranging from networking happy hours and dinners to mini golf and women’s events.

More information here:

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Christine Benz, investment expert

WCICON23 Guest Speakers

We meet once or twice a day for a keynote talk. You’ll love our hand-picked speakers.

Christine Benz is no stranger to The White Coat Investor community. She is a returning keynote speaker from the all-virtual conference in 2021, and I look forward to giving her the welcome she can only get at an in-person conference. She is Director of Personal Finance and Retirement Planning at Morningstar, veteran columnist, author and host of The Long View podcast.

Ashley Whillans, Business and Wellness Expert

Ashley Whillans, MA, Ph.D., is a Harvard business professor who happens to be married to an ER doctor. She teaches courses on negotiation, motivation and incentives to MBA students and senior executives. She is a published author and scholar specializing in the relationship between time, money and happiness.

Stacy Taniguchi, Ph.D. is going to be a special treat at the conference this year. A fascinating speaker with academic and real life experience using the outdoors to help others, the amount of life he has accumulated in a lifetime will be an inspiration to you to do the same. But the best part of his speech may be the revelations he makes about several personal relationships we share. So far, he’s the only WCICON keynote speaker I’ve nearly killed.

Stacy Taniguchi, Wellness Expert, Still Alive

As usual, I will make two presentations. At previous conferences, I’ve reviewed the medical literature on financial literacy, taught how Medicare really works, simplified asset protection, and revealed the truth about insurance products. This year, I’m going to tell you the truth about real estate investing and show you how best to spend in retirement.

Various ways to participate

Besides regular in-person attendance, we also have a premium option (usually the first thing to sell), a spouse/partner option, and virtual options. There is a perfect option for just about everyone in the WCI community. You can get all the details (and register) at wcievents.com.

Why this conference?

We know your money and continuing education time are limited. However, we believe this is a conference that every physician and high-income professional should attend at least once. The biggest threat to your career and finances is burnout, and this conference is the closest thing to buying “burnout insurance.” The information and inspiration is unmatched when it comes to an investment that will pay future dividends for your career and finances.

Why I personally hope you’ll join us at WCICON23

Now, if you allow me for a moment to be a little selfish, I want to tell you why I hope you come. Yes, I know the conference will help you immensely. But above all, I love meeting investors in white coats face to face. You inspire me. You help me stay in touch with the real concerns and challenges that frontline physicians face every day. Your concerns become my concerns and guide the direction of The White Coat Investor for the coming year. Financial literacy and wellness may not be the most important niche in the world, but it’s where you matter and where we can help.

I hope to see you there. The early bird rate (everything else for your life has gone up in price this year, but not this conference!) remains in place until November 7, but I can’t promise there will be any seats left until then. the.

Join us in Phoenix this winter!

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